ARDI for Donors

Donors provide funds for the overall improvement of the Academy, but some have personal interests in specific areas of study. By funding endowed chairs, donors can convene the brightest minds to focus on particular problems or areas of study.  Donors also have the ability to name the endowment in a chosen individuals honor. While buildings eventually crumble and fall and are often replaced with new buildings and new honorees, a perpetually endowed academic chair lasts forever, paying tribute to its honoree forever, and achieving its purpose of enhancing academic excellence long after the donors are gone.

ARDI for Donors

ARDI has had a singular mission since its inception in 1984, and that mission is to support and fortify the academic excellence found at the United States Air Force Academy.

ARDI achieves this mission by providing perpetually endowed academic chairs, which is made possible through the generosity and philanthropic support of donors.

As a non-profit, 501(c)(3), donations made to ARDI are tax-exampt and go directly to the chair of your choice. There are a few ways you can donate to ARDI, and there are a few ways ARDI benefits the benevolent donors who make our focus and mission possible.

Considering a donation or gift to ARDI?

There are three distinct ways you can donate:

1. Fully Fund an Endowed Chair

An academic endowment is created by a donor from a gift containing an agreement that the original gift may never be expended. These gifts are held and invested in perpetuity by ARDI for the purpose of generating income from which to pay for the donor directed purposes of the Chair.  Thus, it is both an honor to the named holder of the appointment and also an enduring tribute to the donor who establishes it.

To fully fund an endowed chair please email:

2. Enrich an Existing Academic Chair

Donors can contribute additional funding to the existing academic chair of their choice.  This provides more available funds to use to towards recruiting the very best distinguished visiting professors to teach and mentor cadets.

3. Donate to the ARDI General Fund

A donation to the general fund allows ARDI to use the funds in flexible ways.  These gifts allow us to continue sponsoring cadet and faculty enrichment opportunities and also help fund the operations of the Foundation.

Founded in 1984, ARDI has a unique and singular focus: to support and fortify the academic mission of the United States Air Force Academy.  Today, ARDI funds multiple endowed chairs and continues to contribute to the excellence of education through the United States Air Force Academy.


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